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Enjoy delicious, piping-hot crepes, inspired by a unique Parisian tradition. The recipe for our triangular-shaped crepes originated in France. Now, we have brought the concept to the States so that you can experience and savor this delectable creation locally.

Crepes A-Go-Go features two kinds of the filled and wrapped, delicate pancakes known as crepes. Sweet crepes feature the freshest fruits, brown sugar, cinnamon, or even chocolate, topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. Savory crepes feature grilled vegetables or meats or cheeses, prepared just as ordered and full of juicy flavor.

All our crepes are served warm and fresh off the griddle. Try some any day of the week at our our Gaithersburg creperie on Main Street, in a beautiful walkable area in the Kentlands. Come in, sit down, order something delicately sweet or fabulously savory, and make yourself at home!


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We were visiting VA and Rockville MD and wanted crepes for brunch. Did a search and Crepes a Go Go came up and near to Rockville. Looked at the menu and decided to check it out and we are glad we did. Extensive sweet and savory crepe menu with all fresh ingredients. Steady flow of customers and service was quick and staff is delightful. Thank you!!


Thank you so much for your amazing service and crepes at the party on Saturday. You were so easy to work with in scheduling the event, showed up on time, had incredibly friendly staff and the crepes were excellent.I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. Many Thanks!


This place is wonderful! The location is great and the crepe we had was amazing (strawberry banana with chantilly cream and berry coulis). Looking forward to going here regularly!


This place is great! I only had the savory crepes. I had a breakfast crepe and the Chicken presto, both were AMAZING! I will be back to try the Sweet crepes! A special thanks to the nice lady that helped me decide on those two! 🙂


Perfect crepes for that sweet craving you night have at 9p. on a rainy day. I ordered the one with nutella, bananas and strawberries. It was so good! They staff was friendly. They also have gelato, coffee and savory crepes which I’d definitely try on my next visit.


GREAT SERVICE and even GREATER FOOD! I did not know that this place was in the Kentlands. Went here for brunch with my girls on a rainy saturday and ended up hanging out here for 3 hours just chatting and ordering more crepes. The staff were so sweet to me. I ordered a crepe to take home to my husband and of course with all the girl talk I had it sitting for well over an hour. The manager had one of the chefs make me a new one for free because he could not have me take a cold crepe to my husband! HOW SWEET?!?!


Love your crepes! I ordered the sweet 18. ( chocolate strawberry banana ) and I love it! It’s a great restaurant in a great location! Keep up the good work!


Pretty good crepes! They have a vast sweet and savory crepes. I haven’t gotten any savory ones yet, but most of the sweet crepes are on point. I usually get the nutella, strawberry, and banana. Anything with nutella is good in my opinion and this store puts the right portions of each. Not too much or little of anything. Ticket times for my family friends orders are about 8 minutes. This is my go to crepes place.


I came here with a few friends and ordered a nutella, strawberries, and bananas crepe! It was delicious but I personally thought it was a bit pricey. The crepe was really filling, I was stuffed for a long time. My friend got a savory crepe and she loved it. So those are worth trying too!
It’s a pretty popular place, especially on a Saturday morning. Good place to go for crepes!


I came here on a whim about two years ago. Each time I’ve been here I’ve been greeted with a warm smile by a man I can only assume is the owner. The crepes are amazing, whether you try a sweet or savory one. This place is like the Baskin Robbins of Crepes. The place is clean, with a nice French bistro ambience, and the music is relaxing (like a vintage jazz). It is situated in one of the finest areas of Gaithersburg (known as the Kentlands). All of this and more are reasons why I keep coming back. If you’re looking for something different and a little off the beaten path with a relaxing atmosphere, you’ve got to try this place!


2009: One drunk night, I had crepes in Chinatown; and loved it.

2009-2014: Yearning for more crepes.

2014: Found this place and loved it.

Funny enough, the two are sister restaurants. Go figure. And both are delicious, fun, and unique. The reviews speak for themselves. Check this place out.

One share-worthy detail — after placing our order, we were looking at the gelato. We (and I imagine the cashier) knew we weren’t going to order any since what we ordered was going to be plenty. He encouraged us to try some, and we declined. But I guess he knew that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t honestly turn down samples. So, he read through the lines (i.e., that we were just being polite) and just went ahead and scooped a few gelato samples for us saying, “Maybe for when you come next time.” I thought that was cool.


There are a lot of crepes to choose from. Nutella is an addition to about 10 of them. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere to sit and relax, especially outside during the nice weather. The Nutella, banana and strawberry crepe was very delicious and not over or undercooked.


They offer a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes. I had the lemon crepe which was absolutely delicious. The seating was a bit limited but otherwise this was a great stop for a snack and would have been great for a meal too. I will definitely be back.


Awesome place for desserts! they also have savory crepes, too! I aways get the banana and nutella combo. The bananas are always fresh and not the brown type. Can eat it there or togo if you eat it there they serve it to you. There is outside seating for nice days to come.

Todays crepe was a little more crispy then usual so its harder to cut through it. They also have a free promo on the tables stating free cup of coffee with a order of any crepe. They have make your variations which can add up and become pricey.

Definitely a cute place to take someone on a date!


Delicious sweet or savory crepes. Great coffee. And my kids live this place. Been coming here every weekend or so for over 2 years.


The crepes here are unbelievably good and the staff are so genuinely nice and sweet. They an extensive list of both savory and sweet crepes, so many that its hard to chose just one because the crepes are quite large. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a good crepe or even some Gelato as well.


I came here with my sister on a late-ish night run. The server/cashier didn’t seem to disturbed that we arrived about 30 min before closing and was super nice.

We decided to order a Grilled Chicken crepe (cheese, tomatoes, and pesto) for our dinner and a King Samm (the sweetest one) for dessert. Both were amazingly great and fresh.

I really should come back here a lot more often, especially since they are the only place I know of that specializes in crepes.


Came here last weekend and absolutely enjoyed it. I ordered the nutella and strawberry crepe and my wife ordered the spinach and cheese egg crepe. Both were fabulous, the spinach gave it such a tasty kick. Nutella crepe, well the crepe itself was really well made. Def worth another visit. Just be careful sitting outside, no shortage of bumble bees


I’m not a box of chocolates type of chick, I am a steak and potatoes type of chick. This place right here? This place is AMAZING. Whenever I have cravings for sweets which is like once a month, the YUMTACULAR crepes here fulfill my needs! I highly recommend the banana and nutella crepes with extra whip cream. AHHH!


The perfect crepe! Just the right thickness, crispy yet soft (I don’t know how they do it!). My favorite is their nutella & banana, something about the banana and hazelnut that just goes so well together. All of their sweet crepes come with a side of whipped cream. I’m not a fan of their crepes with chocolate, but the ones with sugar and honey area also good… I just prefer Nutella 🙂

I’ve tried a savory crepe here once and it just didn’t hit the spot. If I come here, it is usually for dessert!

They also serve Illy coffees, which are nice and strong. A cappuccino pairs perfectly with a crepe!


I come here every Sunday to have brunch with my father. It has become a habit. I always get the Turkey, Cheese, and Egg crêpe. Most of the time, I’m still hungry, so we split a sweet crêpe (be it Nutella with Banana, or Apple, Cinnamon, and Brown Sugar.) YUM!

The guy that takes your orders is really friendly, so I’d say the service is pretty good as well.


I love this place, as do my kids! They are super friendly, especially the owner who shares a greater love of espresso than me, which I thought was impossible lol. They just busted out the gelato too. All homemade. They also have stamp cards…buy 10 crepes, get 1 free. They are very filling. I must also add that they use illy coffee!!! Best espresso ever and their take on the hot chocolate is the best. It’s called the chocolatella and yes, there’s Nutella in it 🙂


Best crepes available in this area. You can watch them make the crepes and they are very generous with all the fillings. I love their nutella & strawberries; honey, banana, almond nut; and their spinach, mushroom, cheese crepe.

Service is kind of self-service although they deliver your crepes to the table. Wait staff is very mellow. Prices are very reasonable. Great place to sit outside and relax during nice days.


This place makes me so happy. Recently tried the chicken, pesto and avocado. OMG…so yummy. I’m clearly no crepe expert, but I do love most of their offerings. The place does get crowded, and we had to be very strategic about trying to get seats for a group of 5 when it was too cold to move outside. But, I still love eating here 🙂


Who can go wrong with Nutella and fruit. Love that fact that the owner always is polite and has great specials. I try to go with a GF to split a savory and a dessert. I repeatly go back for lunch since i work close by. Everything is fresh from the meats, cheeses, veggies, and fruits!


I absolutely love this place. Nutella crepes.. at least 14-15 different options for nutella crepes ALONE. The menu had at least 50 combinations or you could make your own. prices are reasonable, the guy behind the counter was very nice.

They also make a decent hot chocolate.


After eating at a terrible crepe place in Boston, I had to write a good review for my favorite crepe place in my hometown, Gburg. The crepe is delish– a little sweet and soft and sturdy enough to hold the fillings. They’re the perfect size for a big lunch, or a light dinner. There’s a huge range of ingredients both sweet and savory.

They have some nice Illy coffee and they play the French radio.

I can’t wait to come back here again.


The crepes are huge- I’d recommend getting a sweet and a savory and sharing. As close to paris as you can get in Maryland.


Dear Crepes-A-Go-Go
I love you. You’re wonderful service, prompt smile, creative crepes and incredibly fresh ingredients get me every time. I never worry about ordering raspberries in the winter (with nutella), which is always an amazing change for a small creperie.
I always get a sweet crepe, and my mother always gets the special- but we’ve been coming back since the month you opened. Please don’t change.
ps If its a nice day, or even a bit nippy- bring a sweater and sit outside. The service is just as prompt and it’s a little less cozy.


Crepes A-Go-Go

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