Authentic Crepes from France, Made in the U.S.A.

Crepes are extremely popular in France – and for good reason. Here at Crepes A-Go-Go, we’re leading the revolution to bring crepes onto every American’s plate. We think they’re great, and here are some reasons why.

For one, crepes are amazingly versatile. The crepe can be eaten and enjoyed at any meal, and at any time of day. That’s because they can be filled with many different ingredients. If you wake up with a craving for some fruit and pancakes, with a little powdered sugar on top, you can have a crepe for breakfast. Or if you’ve had a long day, and you want a hearty meal of chicken, bell peppers, and tomatoes, wrapped in a light flour-and-egg wrapping, you can have a crepe for dinner.

Not only is there a crepe for every time of day, there’s a crepe for every mood and personality. We’ve honestly never met a person who didn’t like crepes. That’s because every crepe is unique, and we make them to order. That means that whatever you feel like eating, you can have that ingredient in your crepe. Why would you order off a menu of a fixed items, when you could come to Crepes A-Go-Go and ask our chefs to make your meal just the way you want it?

Finally, crepes have a long history that you can be part of, every time you bite into a crepe. In France, crepes are traditionally served and eaten on February 2, which is a French holiday popularly known as “Le Jour des Crepes,” which means “The Day of the Crepes.” On that day, people all over France cook and enjoy crepes with their family and friends. Of course, this special holiday doesn’t stop them from having crepes year round. The crepe is a traditional French meal enjoyed both regularly and often.

So whether it’s February 2 or any other day of the year, run to Crepes A-Go-Go in the Kentlands for a bite of authentic Parisian food – made here in America.